13/02/2018Award system, Enterprise Agreements, Industries, Legislation

Recent political and even Reserve Bank commentary remarks upon how wages growth has stalled, although the causes attributed to it vary. What is clear is that low wages growth is not limited to the Australian economy, but is a feature of many advanced economies, including the US. Recently, Judith...

26/09/2014Award system, Enterprise Agreements, Industrial Action, Legislation, Tactics

Author Fred Bolling, Special Consultant Each time you “fend off” a large number of these claims, but you feel somewhat obliged in each renegotiation to give something, although you feel you get nothing in return. After a few rounds of negotiations over several years, you realize that your EBA is...

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17/07/2013Award system, Enterprise Agreements

Employers have been put on notice by the FWC that they cannot rely solely on precedent in order to have their enterprise agreements approved. In recent decisions, the tribunal has knocked back enterprise agreement applications - and sought undertakings under the Better Off Overall Test or ‘BOOT’ as it is more commonly known - due to concerns over whether employee entitlements were sufficient, relating to aspects where similar enterprise agreements had previously been approved.

17/07/2013Award system, Enterprise Agreements, Industries, Legislation

In a recent decision an agreement approval application was refused by Senior Deputy President (SDP) O’Callaghan, due to concerns that the employees to be covered by the proposed agreement had not genuinely understood and agreed to the terms.

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23/04/2013Award system, Bargaining Strategy

In a safe and unspectacular decision, a Fair Work Commission (FWC) Full Bench has chosen to take a very safe position on modifying Individual Flexibility Arrangement (IFA)’s in the latest modern award review.