You understand your business intimately, probably have a great relationship with your employees and you are rightly focused on running the business day in and day out.

Union officials are, however, battle hardened veterans who are adept at manoeuvring EBA negotiations to their advantage and sometimes to the detriment of your business.

How do you guarantee at least a level playing field in your EBA negotiations?

We have a model backed approach to underwrite EBA negotiating success, based upon more than 70 years combined employer battle-hardened experience. See our What We Do pages to see how we can support your organisation.

Our Enterprise Bargaining Negotiation Model

Sample Planning Process

We recently put together a planning document considering all the things we could think of that contribute to planning for successful enterprise bargaining outcomes. Note there may be some additional, specific formal requirements to attend to that could have changed since we created the document.

The document was created using a common planning process we use to help our employer clients develop a strategy for their businesses.

Click here for our detailed planning document considering the things you need to consider when planning for an enterprise agreement.

Click here to read our articles around the topic of Planning and Strategising around enterprise agreement negotiations. 

"This is great.  I have always said you are the master of mind maps….just another example."

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