Over a period of 30+ years, we have built up an extensive first-hand understanding of the process of negotiation and enterprise bargaining, often with union involvement, so we know what to expect next during the bargaining process. Whilst of course we have post-graduate qualifications in studies including the theory around high-level negotiation strategy, you can't go past real life experience either.

Over the years, clients have asked us to either show them the industrial negotiation ropes, or to do it for them. We have therefore collected detailed knowledge about how to negotiate better industrial relations outcomes, knowledge which we are eager to share.

We regularly conduct public training courses.  View a sample of the course content, which we can then tailor to your specific needs for in-house courses.

We conduct intensive half-or full-day strategy workshops to help you develop your unique bargaining strategy.

If you are interested in benefiting from our experience, either by engaging our assistance or alternatively from in-house sessions on industrial negotiations, drop us a line by completing an Online Contact Form, or call us on 1300 086 262.

"There is a definite need out there for quality EBA skills training. I’m horrified by the lack of skill that seems to exist in relation to employers getting something back in their EBA negotiations. I suspect that most are either too scared or too lazy to put claims back to the unions to fund increases. I guess that’s where you guys come in!" - HR Manager, Major NSW Manufacturer

"Always great insights given by Fred - expanded my thinking & knowledge about EBAs and beyond." - HR Director 

"I’m happy to report that we received a [significant majority] yes vote and are now submitting the documents to FWC, so fingers crossed we can put it to bed for another 3 years! I’ve kept in touch with [other course participants], but have been meaning to let you both know as well. Thanks again for the course - it definitely helped.”  - Manager, People & Culture, Local Government