Complexity Fraught with Danger

Our recent experience and that of many employers, is that the Fair Work Act can sometimes unnecessarily complicate the process of reaching and having approved an enterprise agreement.

Procedural requirements can be particularly onerous and individual commissioners have shown themselves willing to buck common sense and apply strict technical interpretations of how to apply the rules under the Act. This can often be after a miffed union seeks to prevent an employer reaching agreement with its workers, or even to prevent another union from doing so.

We can help you avoid the procedural traps and ensure your best chance of having your agreement approved.

Drafting Your Agreement

Agreement drafting is a bit of an artform. Sloppy drafting can cost your business huge amounts of money you hadn't planned for. We have developed comprehensive checklists to minimise errors, and look at your agreement from a range of different perspectives, to make sure we have done all that we can to get it right for you.

We have honed our drafting skills over decades of different agreements in different industries. Don't leave your agreement drafting to chance. 

Responding to Industrial Action

The Act also encourages industrial action by unions and responding to it by an employer a difficult process, often fraught with the danger of costly settlements or even the threat of being forced to accept an agreement against its wishes.

Don't go into battle unarmed!

Want to Know More?

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