Our long experience in establishing detailed planning strategies around enterprise agreement negotiations ensures you will achieve the best outcome for your business. We help you consider all likely contingencies and how you will deal with them.

Different Approaches

Have you considered that sometimes the best outcome is NOT having an enterprise agreement? We approach your problem as unique - not applying a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Sample Planning Process

We recently put together a planning document considering all the things we could think of that contribute to planning for successful enterprise bargaining outcomes. Note there may be some additional, specific formal requirements to attend to that could have changed since we created the document.

The document was created using a common planning process we use to help our employer clients develop a strategy for their businesses.

Click here for our detailed planning document considering the things you need to consider when planning for an enterprise agreement.

Click here to read our articles around the topic of Planning and Strategising around enterprise agreement negotiations.

"This is great. I have always said you are the master of mind maps….just another example."