15/01/2014Bargaining Strategy, Bargaining, Negotiation, Enterprise Agreements


Author - Fred Bolling (AM), Consultant



The critical issue is that employers are time poor and are focused (correctly) on running the business. Typically they “get to the EBA game late” and are underdone in planning, strategy and tactics and in particular, in developing the most intimate understanding of why they are negotiating an enterprise bargaining agreement in the first place.

Forget about the Federal Government, you need to get yourself “battle hardened” by building your skills, knowledge and understanding of the bargaining environment, bargaining strategies and bargaining tactics that really work.

You need to analyse your personal negotiating style – your strengths and weaknesses - this is a “must do” that most employers have never done before.

You need to understand your particular firm’s negotiating power and how to build your firm’s most relevant negotiating strategy and tactics.

If you adopt a more strategic and process driven approach, you can turn the nightmare into “a pleasant dream”.

Advertorial - Fred Bolling has been working in the IR negotiating area for almost 40 years across automotive, construction, manufacturing, coal mining, food service and retail industries in Australia and overseas. Fred partners with Steve Champion, Managing Director and Owner of ER Strategies Pty Ltd, on bringing you an outstanding two day Masterclass on “Advanced EBA Negotiating Skills & Planning”.

Fred and Steve also offer an in-house shorter, sharper, company specific learning and development platform for your upcoming EBA negotiations. We help you analyse your bargaining environment, and develop your bargaining strategy and tactics - just like the unions you deal with would do.

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